Monday, May 17, 2010

Through the eyes of a preschooler...

Its amazing to watch a preschooler and for a moment take in what they're saying and see the world through their eyes. Sometimes the thoughts don't follow a logical sequence, but there is a delightful whimsy and their own logic to it all.

Today, I had the privilege of picking up my friend's little girl from preschool and spending a couple hours with her till her Mommy came home. It was too cute, when I arrived at the preschool to see her excitement not only at seeing me but getting to ride in my car, then her discovery that it was "just us" (as she put it) and also exclaimed "I like it when its just us, because its like we are buddies!" So cute!

How quickly we leave behind the simple joys of a child. Remember how helping mom clean could be fun? I'm not a mom, but do have my own place to care for, and I wish I could reignite that joy again for my cleaning times now. I wonder if we took a moment to take joy in the littlest things, if that would trickle over into the rest of our days and make our burdens a bit easier to bear.

Hoping you find joy in the everyday! If you need a little help check out Cute Overload - an awesome blog ready to fill your senses with cuteness and joy!

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