Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jam Packed Saturday

Today began with going with Dave to the chiropractor; so he could get adjusted. Then off to a lovely breakfast at Cracker Barrel. After breakfast, we stopped at Saw Grass Lake Park and spent a little over an hour there. We walked the entire time and I think we covered the whole park! It was a very warm Florida day (as its supposed to be now that we are in the middle of May), but the breeze helped refresh us now and again. Tons of dragonflies there! I tried to take a picture but none of them would let me get close enough with my cell phone to snap a proper picture of them.
We did see an alligator in the water, a few squirrels and there were many birds out too. They also have a momma owl who has a nest with a chick in the trees near the main education station. It is amazing how much better one feels after a good walk in the good ole outdoors. This time together was so dear to me, we don't get to do this very often, but I do hope we can maybe make this more of a habit and explore all the county parks.

Hope you all had a terrific Saturday! God Bless!

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