Friday, May 14, 2010


Very thankful today. Well, I try to be always thankful, but like any other human being on the planet I often forget gratitude.

Today, I met up with an old friend from my days at Lakeside Christian School, and he was a great help with this newbie Mac owner. I have seen him since our school days, and we keep up with each other through facebook, twitter and my friend/his cousin Donna. We had a nice visit catching up on things and chatting about the greatness that is Apple.

So very grateful for good friends. Where would we be without them. Indeed the best of friends are those not afraid to tell us when we are making mistakes and show us where we need to set ourselves straight for the betterment of ourselves and in turn our families.

Thanks to David Banther for all the Mac info!

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

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  1. Pleasure was all mine! I am always here to help out a fellow LCS Trojan :)