Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Crazy, Amazing Day

Today's post will be brief. I've been awake for over 32 hours.

Today was full of the joys of friendship, reminders of God's love, and the craziness of daily life when an international package goes missing and yet, the man at the package place was so kind and dear that there is no anger.

Joys of friendship:
  • I made it to Bible Study today and got refreshed with the fellowship of the lovely ladies.
  • My dear friend, Donna, started back to work today and had an amazing day, I am so filled with joy for her. You know her as The Obnoxious S.A.H.M and you can read about the start of her new adventure.
Reminders of God's Love:
  • During my morning walk, the beauty of nature once again overwhelmed me. If I can, tomorrow I will try to capture some pics for you. There was a lovely tree with fern-like branches and tiny flowers emerging, amazing white and grey birds with red eyes, kind of short and stubby, and some other things that my sleep deprivation is not letting me remember
  • More dragonflies today! :D
  • After the craziness of the package coming to light, as I headed to my car, there was a small, bright shiny blue iridescent flying bug that brought a smiley to my face with its shimmery-ness.
  • A kind customer service guy who helped track down the package and hopefully it will reach my dad by Monday the latest.
Well, goodnight friends. The yawns are taking over, eyelids are getting heavy, and I'd better move before I fall asleep sitting here.

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