Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Man!

June 4th is the birthday of my man. He is amazing. God has truly blessed me. He works without complaint, and no matter how long his hours or how hot the day, he always gives me a smile and a kiss no matter how tired he is from working outside all day. He is a quiet man, that is for certain, but with me he is tender and kind. He is my soul mate, my best friend, and my nemesis when he hides behind doors to scare me ;) .

^ Here's the birthday boy ^
(yes, he is purposely yanking on his eye to mess up the picture *sigh*)

Here was the birthday plans: we will be heading off for some fun in Orlando. Starting at Sea World so my roller coaster ridin' man can ride Manta a couple times. (No, I don't ride those crazy coasters. Thunder Mountain is more my style.) Then possibly one of the Disney waterparks and then a little time in one of the Disney theme parks. (Yes, we have passes to Disney, Sea World & Busch Gardens -- otherwise all these trips would cost a fortune!)

Update: We did go to Sea World, but the line for Manta was too long, so he didn't ride. We got rained out of the water parks before we could set foot in. We ended up at Disney's Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom. SO thankful we had dinner at the Brown Derby at DHS - that turned the whole day around. :)

Wish the budget status was better so we could stay over for a couple of nights, but at least he's got a vacation day so we can enjoy a stress-free day together. :)

Happy Birthday to the love of my life!!! You are the best! I only hope I fill his days with as much love and joy as he gives me.