Thursday, May 27, 2010

Awake again at the wrong hour...

Well, here it is 1:30 am and I am awake!!! Grrr!
I fell asleep round 9pm on the recliner, but woke up at midnight and now I am so awake as if I'd slept 8 hours.

Ah, the joys and curses of a nap too late in the day. Later today, I have classes at 9am and 3pm. So I really hope I get tired soon. I also need to get back to my early morning walking regime; which has suffered from my up too late times. A return to the walking would probably help my daytime energy and get me more restful sleep.

It was a productive day with painting color studies. Its so great to get back into paint again. Maybe I will take pictures from the cell phone tomorrow and post for you to see....maybe....I'll see how I feel about it when I look at them again.
Did I tell you we are doing a series of self-portraits? The 3 of us in the Painting II class, is the "we" I refer to. Its very odd painting yourself...there is a constant battle of wanting to correct the "flaws", guess its really an ego thing. Trying my best to be humble as I paint so that its emotional and as accurate as possible without arrogance.

Well, off I go to attempt the winding down....hope the sleep fairy finds me soon.

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